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II. Notes On The State.

The Ends of the United States Government. There is a shadow system in place. A kind of "prison without walls and fences" where I find myself. A psychological Berlin wall that seeks to hobble the individual who aspires for life beyond it. I spend most of my time counter-acting this influence upon what's left of my personality: FEAR and EMOTIONAL REGRESS; emotional crippling and, in an extreme measure, physical pain and the "hobbling" of any productive physical activity.

"Fear is creeping into my handwriting."

When man is asleep, he is most vulnerable. The ideas imposed upon my subconscious mind make my waking hours a living hell: Sleep is but preparation for the psychological torment and mind-war to come. The day, my waking hours, becomes a contest between mental injury and ways to evade what the State seeks to induce: IRRATIONALITY -- VIOLENCE -- COMPLETE, TOTAL STATE CONTROL over my life and, or, DEATH. The end of the United States government is clear: TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) provides the funds; the United States Army provides the technology. (Reference THE MIND MANIPULATORS.)

What did I do and what do I know? The State apparatus creates certain men to do certain things. I found out, understand, and now know how it is done; because, it was done to me. "I only did what I was told to do, mesmerized!" And the men who have direct experience of this process are in the prisons and wards with and without walls and fences. "If a man knows this, he is U.S. government-USDA-State-fu**in' certified for life! Your experience will have no credibility."

Ayn Rand is important for the understanding of my situation: I'M LIVING THE TOTALITARIAN NIGHTMARE!