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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Complicate Your Life, Simplify Your Life.

"When DuCannibis opted-out of our selective-breeding program,
We destroyed his life by turning it into a living hell." -UNCF

Freedom isn't free. The DAVs (Disabled American Veterans) made a salient point while reminding me that Liberty has its cost: "I'm off that goddamned hooker, Condi Rice!"

Yes, for me, DuCannibis is the price I had to make myself pay to purchase this Freedom.

There are no expectations I need fulfill; no standards I must live up to: No one can ask me to be anything, or to do anything, ever again.

I can be my very own DuCannibis now (in moore ways than some).

So, now, what standards are the Black Community still attempting to hold me up towards? Now that I'm finally off the proverbial hook, what expectations do niggers still have for me?

What can these "sicko" retards ask their therapist to do, or to be?

If the Black Community is expecting me to be chained to some nigger-bitch (i.e. fucked-up black woman) on an inner-city ghetto plantation where I stand a 100% chance of being murdered by a pack of black bitches and niggers, then the Black Community has lost its fucking collective mind!

They say, "We think you're a dangerous child-molesting serial-killer, but some of our sons and daughters need a positive blackmale role-model to look down upon."

I shout, "Raise your own illegimate little black nigger-bitch kids with HIV/AIDS!"

That's right. In terms of them getting a return on their so-called INVESTMENT, of me making a contribution and giving something back to the community, all niggers can ask me for is SHIT! and that's exactly what they'll receive after they get done sucking my motherfucking ass.

"Happy St. Valentine's Day? Nigger, please! Stop praying to that FAGGOT." -Sherrick DuCannibis


brenda j. binns said...


Brenda J. Binns

Sherrick DuCannibis said...

And OK is the abbreviation for Oklahoma, sistah!