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Thursday, February 9, 2012

On American White Supremacy.

The Fugitive Slave Act in Modern Practice: "Some people have suffered
so much under the SHADOW SYSTEM of American government that they lose
recognition as human-beings. It cannot be possible to be human and
live to tell of such suffering; it cannot be possible to survive such
unspeakable abuse at the hands of the U.S. government and retain the
right to be called human: You are now an animal at best for what you
have endured, a pit-bull terrier! And an automaton in the worst case
if your mind got ROBOTIZED in the process, i.e. a Manchurian
Candidate Robo-Cop! In either case, you are not fit to live in the
world of men; in the realm of the human-being. I mean to say, if the
State makes you what you are, the State makes you its property. Never
mind blaming the system. It's you who are at fault. And, if you run,
the State will spare no expense to run you down."

"Hey," I replied. "They do that kind of shit only to niggers."

"I am glad you are catching on," Villalobos said, smiling
menacingly. "The Department of Defense don't do psychological
experiments on rich Whites and bluebloods. Imagine twenty, no, thirty
years, your whole entire life, under surreptitious psychological
experimentation and drugging. A PSYCHOPS guinea pig for D.O.D. to
play with from the cradle to the grave. Knowing this, how could you
be anything but a mad dog. The only place for people like you now is
prison. And the only place for you in American Society, if you're
stupid enough to believe you'll be human again, are the streets and
mental hospitals."

"It's a fuckin' cover-up!" I screamed.

"Again," Villalobos said, smirking more menacingly. "I am glad you
are catching on. This is how the United States of America discards
its mind-war subjects."

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