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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wake-Up and Smell The Coffee!

There are worse places to be, but I am in the closest place there is
to hell I am quite sure. "At least in hell the rent is cheap." There
are worse places in the whole wide world to be right now I am
certain, but there isn't one more hellish than my current place of
residence here in the City of Houston, Texas: I have found a rooming
house which allows even people like me to reside (even though I can't
quite see myself as a parolee and a criminal, I reckon it helps me
understand my situation). I am among the dregs of society -- the low-
life and the scum, and everyone believes I should belong here,
especially the police, and, so, I make the best of a horrible set of

I am surrounded and there's no deceit about this fact: I am under
the heaviest FEDERAL and POLICE surveillance I have probably ever
experienced in my whole entire life. This is my second day in this
new place at the end of the inner-city, and the real THUGS wouldn't
be caught dead knowing anyone with ties to this location; it is
because they know what kind of people end up here by direct order of
the police and what is done to them, and the real CRIMINALS will have
no part of it. It is to places like this where society sends the
worst and the hopeless to die: This is the SUPER-MAX house!!

(The CRANBERRIES had to be the 1990s most under-rated wimp
band: "Beware the ALL-SEEING, ALL-KNOWING EYE of military
intelligence!" I was a big fan of Dolores O'Riordan until I grew a
pair of balls and re-claimed my manhood.)


Anonymous said...

Thou shalt not dis Miss O'Riordan, for thou shalt discover the earth-turning wrath of the men from Limerick!

Sherrick DuCannibis said...

Simply stating a simple fact: Listening to the CRANBERRIES for extended periods of time will turn a normal, heterosexual negro male into a flaming faggot. Shit! With Dolores O'Riordan singing, who needs forced estrogen treatments and chemical castration. She disguises her dislike for Africans very well, too.