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Thursday, February 9, 2012


If you are reading this, and I have been found DEAD -- of an
apparent "suicide" perhaps, then know of a direct U.S. Government
involvement which prompted my death. I am dead because someone
within the U.S. Federal Government hierarchy wanted it so and I must
have complied -- or not COMPLIED.

Veterans Administration: "And he has got the fucking nerve to ask us
for a proper and decent burial. He has the goddamned gall to request
a proper and decent funeral."

WSDB: "Under U.S. Federal Law, it is my right! If I should die
before I am able to leave the United States of America forever and
for good, I would like to spare my brothers and sisters the expense
of having my corpse CREMATED and tossed into the Pacific Ocean. I'm

Seriously, I want to discuss how my VETERANS BENEFITS came about: How I BELIEVE they came about and why I FEEL that I deserve them; why I feel that I have rightfully EARNED them. From 1992, with very few brief "interruptions", and unto this very day, I have suffered the ABUSE and TRAUMA equivalent to what a Korean War P.O.W. undergoes: I have been BEATEN, DRUGGED, TORTURED, SLEEP-DEPRIVED, STARVED and INTERROGATED by U.S. Federal Agents in ways and manners both secret and overt! I have suffered HORRORS under the SHADOW SYSTEM of the United States Government for years! I have the physical and psychological problems manifested only in survivors of PRISONER OF WAR and CONCENTRATION camps! I mean to say, HI, HI, HEY! Fuck having a Persian Gulf War Campaign medal. My veterans benefits should come under the V.A.'s P.O.W. provision.

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