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Friday, February 10, 2012


What is the label "High-Risk" supposed to do for my epistemological
progress? I can't see myself as a registered sex-offender, but I
guess this helps me to understand my situation all the mo' better.

I can honestly say that I'm terrified to travel to the downtown of
Houston. It isn't the issue of me being terrorized by the local
Sheriff's Department or the City Police (and I am speaking of FEDERAL
TERRORISM on the lowest levels here), it is the issue of me
witnessing the shut-down, the turning-off, the attenuation, of my
brain (thought processes) right before my very eyes: It is a very
frightening experience to realize that ONE is being "hit" with a kind
of MOBILE MIND-WAR APPARATUS while attempting to cross a busy street -
- WHAM!! "I thought the light had turned green."

I'm a guitarist. Sometimes, my fingers are my livelihood. Lately,
my hands have become swollen with some sort of biological infection.
I can hardly write today. The guitar offers no outlet for my pent-up
emotions since my fingers are hobbled with this mysterious oozing and
swelling all of a sudden. This is strange because there's no logical
explanation for it except: "My hands, my emotional supports, are
being systematically undermined in a way I did not even expect from
the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the United States Secret
FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT!! "The U.S. Secret Police are pulling out
all the fucking stops! Chemical and biological harassment? This
shit is worse than tear-gas and it amounts to a cheap tactical F.B.I.
smokeout! I can't let this CBW cheap-shot keep me from progressing
in my expatriot objectives." Poop!


Anonymous said...

All those chemicals didn't do Jimi Hendrix any harm. He was still a mighty fine guitar artiste!

Sherrick DuCannibis said...

What JIMI HENDRIX did with mind-altering drugs was mostly voluntary up to his final days on this planet. That didn't stop him, true. But a 22-caliber slug to his right fretting hand might have. CBW usually escalates into rounds going-off someplace (e.g. someone's bedroom).