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Saturday, February 11, 2012

UPDATE: Mexico Revises Immigration Policy For American Citizens.


This newsgroup frequently grapples with the issue of unfair immigration policies and the plight of undesire-able peoples.

Namely, a sovereign nation's right to grant passage or to exclude whomsoever it judges worthy or unworthy of it's protection.

ShadowFront's Ministry of Mis-Information and Propaganda is now authorized to announce that, yes, a quid-pro-quo is in effect between the United States and Mexico. Americans are allowed entry into Mexico beyond it's NAFTA Free-Trade Zone boundary with Tourist VISA stamp requirements waived with only this one stipulation: Entry must be made by BUS via the San Ysidro/Tijuana border crossing and, then, one must exit to Guatemala and re-enter from that country if return to the United States is desired.

Americans could stay in Mexico indefinitely under this new policy!

With the knowledge that the topic of Illegal Mexican Immigration is a hot-button, election-year issue in the United States, the government down here in Distrito Federal is doing all it can to say, "Hey! Let our Mexican brothers and sisters live, work and contribute to the Good of American Society in Peace. Do this for us and we shall return the favor."


Anonymous said...

We, the divine followers of Iglesia Maradoniana shall support thou, Brother!

Sherrick DuCannibis said...

Great! Now if only I could recruit the support of SANTERIA adepts and VOODOO witchdoctors.