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Sunday, March 18, 2012


From MIAMI Police Dept. Case #36117074:
*Aggravated Assault/Aggravated Battery*

Act One: Trauma-Induced Dissociation.

Sherrick DuCannibis (spotlit monologue, center-stage):
I should have known better,
Going across the middle in OVERTOWN
Like that last night when even a lousy
High-school dime-back, on a special-teams'
Play, would have known how not to get
Blind-sided by two second-rate nigger
Punks in black. But that's the RISK,
The chance one takes with one's life,
Playing your home-team's gunner
On punt coverage: Gettin' laid-out
On a clothes-line!

Chorus (hidden, off-stage):
"You just got knocked the FUCK out!

"A punch across the face,
"A hit over the left eye,
"Sent him reeling into the middle of the
"Ghetto street's yellow double lines!"

You stupid fuckin' niggers,
Laid me flat on my ass! I will
Have nothing to do with you
Stupid fuckin' niggers, no more

Never again!

And, then, that's when he saw the knife
In the hands of his boldest attacker: A
D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams look-a-like!

Allusions (program content): ... message/44 ... essage/118

DuCannibis (narrating over Million Man March footage):
The Nation of Islam is disgustingly relentless. Sickening to the point of
[sigh] -- well, if I told you all what I really thought, if I made too
much of how I really feel today, I'd be called a "sick psychopath"
three times a day instead of only just twice a day.

I mean, Jesus H. Christ! How do you expect to change
a person by constantly DEGRADING that person?

"Change isn't the desired outcome!"

Down Wit' PCP? Stress And LSD?:
A Psychosis Inducing Interlude, Part 1.

"Yeah, you know me! Can't shake the agitation without a good swig
from a beautious bottle of wine and it ain't 7AM yet. And I have so
much to get done within the next sixteen hours... Hark! I hear the
Lake Livingston rooster crowing and the police lurking outside my
window." [Gulp-gulp-gulp] Aaah, Spicolicious! "Good mourning,

Allusion (program content): ... message/96

Now isn't the time for me to open up a discussion about what my
recent trip through MEXICO and CENTRAL AMERICA was really all about.
Let it suffice for me to say that, "Neither do I love the Mexicans
any more nor hate those scheming black bitches any less!" And I'm
still going to master SPANISH & ESPERANTO.

"Where ya' gonna go?" comes the collective ghetto question. "All you
leavin' us for is to go get yo'self mo' better pussy." And, "What he
means to say is that if you don't marry an African-American woman
then you must needs be gay (i.e. homosexual)." Fucking RE-LENT-LESS!

Down Wit' PCP? Stress And LSD?:
A Psychosis Induced Interlude, Part 2.

I used to have a white suit I would wear to church often when I was
about 9, 10 and 11 years old. I used to think, "Hey, I must look like
Mr. Roark of Fantasy Island!" I actually used to call it my "birthday
suit" until this guy out in El Paso named Pancho Villa told me what
it all still means: An all expense paid trip to Ellis One, Ellison!

ACT TWO: The Triumph of Cognitive Dissonance.

"There he goes now,
"Back to the D.C. projects
"To live amongst his brethren

"Forevermore, Amen:"

'Cause we be outnumbered now!
We needs more ghetto-fodders!

Gots to make more babies before
My 12-07-2021 expiration date
Makes me seed sour and no mo' good!

DuCannibis (narrating again over Million Man March footage):
Somehow, I was supposed to come back from Latin America heart-broken
and disappointed; I was supposed to come back here to the United
States of America with a more negative opinion of our "his-panic"
[screams "yikes!"] demographic and a greater respect for, and
admiration of, the NEGRO peoples of the African diaspora.

I knew I smelt something fishy that first day in Amarillo, Texas!
All that MONEY and good FOOD? I knew it could never last for long.

Allusion (program content): ... message/57 ... message/40

Allusion (program content):
Salmon spend upwards of eight years growing larger, bigger and
fatter, far away from the rivers of their youth before returning to the
ARTHUR CAPERS ghetto projects to either mate or become floor-mats.

THE END (filmscreen rises, stage-curtain descends).

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