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Saturday, March 17, 2012

SYNAESTHESIA: The Cycle of Fifths in Technicolor (Poem).

The key of C is blue, of course,
Cliched, yet swirling and fathomless,
Like the waters of the Ocean.

And the key of G is wilderness green,
Hackneyed, but swaying and convincing,
Like luscious poplar boughs in motion.

The key of D is some shade of brown;
A crust of mother earth,
Of interest,
Dark, dynamic, and round.

And the key of A is incendiary yellow,
Like the Spanish word: AMARILLO!

The key of E is a vicious,
Blood-red tyrant that's in my mind's eye:
A foreshadowing of trouble,
Like the notes of a Paganni Caprice,
And the Sailor's Morning sky.

Though I can't visualize the key of F in the least,
The key of B is E's close kindred:
Born a violent, fiery burst of orange.

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