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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

666: The Belly Of The American BEAST-System.

“Scum can only live around waste-water treatment plants.” –Janet Napolitano on AWWU & Sand Island Internment Camp

Okay, so now I have bled HCV/HIV-infected shit like faggots coming full-circle jerk to finally understand why I am called SCUM and a TURD by Nurse Jo Robbin of the Miami, Florida OSAC:  “Congratulations! You’ve spent over 20-years inside the American BEAST-System’s stomach and have come out the other side:  Hooray, you’re SHIT!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Here’s your SSDI Food-Stamp Welfare check!”


*Food and water remain the cornerstones in this strategy of the “robotic” White Christian Church and “brain-dead” Black Religious Right to convert atheists to their belief systems.


“Don’t feed this goddamned monster! Give these fucking devils a whole lot of nothing: All a creepy Crowley needs is a poison virus and the roach motel treatment.” – The Nation Of Islam Mosques of Belize & Panama

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