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Monday, September 10, 2012

MK-ULTRA Operation “Mind-Fuck”: Houses-Of-Horror…

"Extraordinary Renditions" were conducted and performed upon W.S. Duncan-Binns under both George W. Bush and the Barack H. Obama presidential regimes at the below U.S. Department of Homeland Security / Central Intelligence Agency front establishments from 8/15/2007 to 9/1/2007 and again from 10/12/2010 to 12/7/2010. "Believe it or not!"
Formerly the Hotel Colon, this establishment, known now as the Hotel Casco Antiguo, is still playing host to a team of ex-BLACKWATER psychological warfare specialists whose job remains to induce psychotic reactions in American ex-patriots of questionable loyalty. Their most frequent results are hallucinations, arrests and suicide; the typical aftermath of such terrible renderings. The Panamanian National Police are very aware of this arrangement, too. These “American Miscreant Suspects” who’re accused of giving “AIDS & SOUTHERN COMFORT” to the enemy are ordered to be made quickly arrest-able and incarcerated by means of surreptitious drugging, sleep-deprivation, and via psycho-electronic means so advanced I can only describe the whole experience as “otherworldly conversations and apocalyptic visions with beings of an higher order of cosmic intelligence.” Far out!
“Abandon fe todos cuando entrada aqui!” Pension Mi Posada is actually the nerve-center for the performance of really intense psychological operations. In fact, the sight, sound and special-effects are so fucking realistic in this place that the chief rendition specialist should put out a sign for all patrons, “Warning: Schizophrenia Induced Here.”
No doubt, only the most incorrigible American Ex-Patriots are post-hypnotically induced to pass through the doorway of this dark, dank shithole leading to a windowless torture chamber numbered “Cuarto #14”; and a worm-hole portal to multiverse dimensions defiant of TIME and SPACE within room #11:  Both places where I suffered several near-fatal strokes and heart-attacks while experiencing what sounded, looked, and felt like the “Siege At Ruby Ridge”, a Black Mass by the “Satanic Order Of Catholic Nuns”, the “Fire-Fight” with David Koresh at his Compound in Waco, the Battle Of The Alamo, Roark’s Drift, and the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army “Invasion of Washington, D.C.” (to diffuse a nuclear doomsday device) combined!
“O, shit, it’s World War Three outside!”
“O, Lord Jesus, tribulation hath founded me:  It comes upon your servant as faintly as a heart-murmur, as disquietingly as a palpitation; and, yet, as suddenly and as totally as a coronary infarction:  As complete and as swift as an heart-attack comes:  Just as massively!”
Furthermore, the Hotels Casa Grande, Caracas and Discovery all produced, and therefore can contribute, similar horror-filled episodes worthy of a full-length novel. To say, “Buddy, I don’t know you but you should at least begin to know half the reason why some ‘ratty shitholes’ come so highly recommended by both Lonely Planet and Footprints Travel Guide:  To serve the national, homeland security interests of western nation-states.” In other words, “Go there or come here, it doesn’t matter. We’re all in the business of making BAD SHIT happen to international terror suspects and potential domestic troublemakers. And laxatives are sometimes applied.”

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