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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Seed Of Creativity.

“The second best-kept secret of total success is that our minds can’t tell the difference between real experience and one that is vividly and repeatedly imagined.” - Denis Waitley

In Napoleonic words, “Imagination rules the World.”

In acquiescence, Albert Einstein remarked, “Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire World, and all their ever will be to know and understand.”

Even GM Emmanuel Lasker, the 2nd World Chess Champion, had something important to say about imagination. He said, “I believe in Magic… There is Magic in the creative faculty such as great poets and philosophers conspicuously possess, and equally in the creative Chessmaster.”

WRITE YOUR OWN MAGIC is a book which addresses the creative imagination aspect of ourselves very well:  From visualization, affirmation and positive self-talk, to progressive relaxation and the power of ritual, Richard Webster has got it all covered like flies on dog-shit. Read it!


Therefore, “Dreams complicate my life.” On their exact content I will have no comment until my deprogrammers finally decide to give up and go back home to either Mclean, Sterling or Langley, Virginia.

Questions about my creativity:

  • Do you fantasize and imagine your own success? How recently have you done this?

About everyday I fantasize and imagine my own success; especially when I’m actively working to achieve important goals and objectives:  Reading assignments tend to unlock this form of thinking within me the best. Reading alters my state-of-consciousness.

  • Do you encourage or criticize yourself in your self-talk? Have you made up a brief statement of affirmation to use when your self-talk becomes negative?

My “self-talk” is usually written-off as irrelevant when it becomes too negative for me to handle rationally. In fact, I’m now in the habit of assuming that all internal monologue (or schizophrenic dialogue) of the extremely negative kind is nothing more than “MK-Ultra:  Project Monarch pre-recorded mind-manipulation programming nonsense from the Soviet/Cold War-era.”

Being a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, I can do something I call “flat- lining” where I produce a tinnitus-like tone in my head to focus mental attention upon while allowing my conscious mind to drift or wander as my left-brain quiets itself and my right-brain runs wild and free. There’s absolutely no input from me at this point. My brain’s on auto-pilot and, you know what? The “self-talk” I’m still hearing sounds exactly like somebody else speaking over an internal PA-system.

“Someone’s in my head but it’s not me!”

In counter-balance, I have a ready list of affirmations I like to use from NLP, Steven Covey and Deepak Chopra. The one which does the trick best for me is, “The meaning of the message is the response it draws out.”

Satire will usually work to soften the impact of really negative self-talk and relieve the pressure of ill-emotions induced by “demonic” self-verbalization.

  • Do you replay or rehash past failures? Are they more vivid in your “replay” than your successes?

I no longer make myself see any experience of failure. I neither replay failure nor rehash disappointment consciously anymore.  When something from the deep, dark, and long dead-and-buried past comes cropping-up in my mind once again, I blame the CIA and call it, “Externally-induced visual programming” and make it completely immaterial:  I distort the negative images and make mockery of all past failure. I superimpose success. Defeat is never more vivid in my imagination than victory.

  • Do you replay or reinforce past successes? Do you visualize these successes through your own eyes?

Through my Third-Eye, the Eye of Soul, “Yes.” Through the Eyes of Earth Mother, Young Maiden, and Old Crone, whenever my own corporeal sight falters, “Yes. I am Pan. They Number Three and Yetna We All are One. I am Pan, Lord of the Sylvan Wood.”

  • Do you see yourself as a real winner? How can this attitude help you achieve your goals?

“Mental health is the ongoing commitment to truth at all costs.” So I cannot say that I see myself as a “real winner” at this stage of my self- reeducation. If I did, then I’d be just as delusional as Don Quixote slaying windmills.

Don’t get me wrong. I do understand what is meant here by, “Real Winner”:  You must see yourself as a winner first in order to become a winner in reality, i.e. “Act as though you are already what you want to be.”

  • How often do you relax and let your thoughts soar? Will you make a date with yourself to do it soon?

“Hooray, it’s Autism time!” I love to relax with a good cigar and six-pack of beer, put on some great music, and allow my thoughts to soar to newer heights of delusional grandeur.

Afterward, you might find me flat on my back someplace anywhere from a hotel bed to a public park to the front lawn of the Alaska Direct van service.

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