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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Seed Of Responsibility.

“The third best kept secret of total success is that our rewards in life will depend on the quality and amount of the contribution we make.” – Denis Waitley

We are what we do:  Excessive whiskey drinkers are drunks; chronic masturbators are sexual deviants and perverts; people who abhor productive work and constructive activity are called “no good, lazy, shiftless, rotten, stinking, filthy bums” by their schizophrenic mothers almost daily; and people who love DuCannibis are “potheads”.

I blog political reality, therefore I’m a citizen-blogger.

Discipline is required to do most anything:  From getting drunk and sitting idly at a bus-stop bench on Miami’s Biscayne boulevard to consuming an 18-pack case of Keystone Ice beer and a large Canadian bacon pizza from the Muldoon Sicily’s in Anchorage (within a 12-hour period) at an undisclosed, secret area-of-operations clandestine campsite; it was all very hard work which required great “discipline”.

Self-discipline, though, is the basic set of tools we require to solve life’s problems:  From deciding that sitting drunk and idle at a bus-stop bench is no way to live and getting psychiatric help at the Miami VAMC to dropping that “death-wish” which had made me the subjective target of racist rifle practice and deadly mantraps at Centennial Park for the pristine beaches of Oahu, was all the work of self-discipline.

Great “self-discipline” requires:

  1. Delaying of gratification.
  2. Acceptance of responsibility.
  3. Dedication to truth.
  4. Balancing.

Questions about my responsibility.

  • What is holding you back most in achieving more success? What can you do about it?

Generally, it is FEAR of success that holds me back and it’s my fault. I like to operate from one of Tony Robbins’ “7-Lies” on this point and own my own mistakes:  “No matter what happens, take responsibility.”

Fear of success will manifest itself in the form known best as PROCRASTINATION. And this “laziness” will cause me to delay the creative preparation and knowledge-based action needed to be successful.

All I can do is utilize what little willpower I have left to overcome my inertia and stay in life-long learning mode.

  • Do you live with a lot of “have to’s” in your World?

Yes, I do live by one:  It’s, “Mister, the only thing I have to do is die.” I don’t even have to stay Black (Michael Jackson) or pay taxes (501c3) anymore. But, “Death is the one thing nobody ever finds a loophole for or gets around.”

  • Do you feel in control of your destiny? In what areas of your life are you postponing gratification to reach long-range goals?

Yes, I do feel very much in control of my destiny. And, in terms of gratification, my needs are very basic and simple:  I feel gratified whenever I am able to drink alcoholic beverages until I’m contentedly drunk, eat good food until my stomach is full, win at one of my “diversions” (e.g. chess or solitaire) that day, masturbate on Tera Patrick until I’m no longer a “horny little devil” that night, and sleep well. “Ah, sweet wet Asian dreams!”

Therefore, I am not allowing myself to be ruled by lustful desires, carnal pleasures, and base passions. I am postponing sex with desperate women and some financial reward to build a sounder foundation beneath myself. The end is HAPPINESS:  I sacrifice today to enjoy a better life tomorrow.

  • Do you give more than you are expected to give? Think of a couple of specific instances where you did so recently.

Actually, more is taken from me than I am expected to give.

A look around the scene of a sex crime’s aftermath.

Case-in-point: On 9 June 2012, this silly fool got his ass rolled by two ghetto-trash, nigger-bitch sluts for $40.00 USD with nothing to show for it but a very wet, naked threesome freak-show in a hotel shower stall.

“I didn’t even EJACULATE!”

“Your dick is small and you can’t fuck,” one of the whores said to me.

I replied, “You’re so black and nasty I can’t even get a good fucking hard-on. Thanks for nothing, bitch!” What a travesty.

  • Are you a victim of many external circumstances? How could you use those circumstances to help teach responsibility to someone else?

To put it bluntly, I am the victim of CIA “Black-Operations” research-and-development.

The problem is that there are people in positions of bureaucratic power and high political office who don’t want me teaching my strategies for living and skills for coping to other miscreants:  “We don’t want you sharing your horrible circumstances and then translating your American ex-patriot experiences into a language which would allow other people to learn from those experiences and prosper.”

I blog, therefore I am doing just that:  Teaching.

  • How can you better control what happens to you?

Easy. By controlling my concerns and being responsible for changing my environment: 

See, “The Beginnings of a Master-Plan” posted earlier on this weblog site.

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