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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Too Much Book-Learning: Keeping a Log-Book.

The US Army has the SALUTE acronym for reconnaissance reports: S-size; A-activity; L-location; U-unit and/or uniform; T-time; E-equipment.

Likewise, since it is every seaman's duty to maintain a proper look-out and watch report at all times (according to the US Coast Guard), I'm going to invent a similar mnemonic device for making log entries that are very detailed and accurately descriptive of a boat and crew's overall circumstance, current condition and/or present situation:

The Whites Here Shoot Coloureds Like Racoons!

T-time; W-weather; H-heading (avg); S-speed (avg); C-course; L-log; R-report.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012 (0600 Zulu) 87.4-degrees F (steady) | 56% relative humidity (steady) | 1021-Mb barometric pressure (steady) | 2nd quarter moon: My portable $30.00 RadioShack Weather Station is forecasting cloudy skies within the next twelve hours and, yes, it is currently overcast with no celestial bodies visible; winds are a light easterly breeze at about 5-knots according to this cheap digital anemometer; thunder is audible and, with the way the sky looks right now, I'd say there's about a 65% chance of precipitation later today.

Heading = 305*NW;

Speed = 7.2-knots;

Course = N14*33'17.8" W090*30'34.5";

Log = 147.6 nautical miles.

Report: Vera Essie's on a broad reach with mainsail and light #1 jib both working in conjunction with the auxiliary engine (a.k.a. the "iron-head sail"), and now she's moving just a little bit below hull speed; starboard jibe; alternating steering duties with autopilot at two hour intervals so that I can perform some preventive maintenance tasks, boat-upkeeping chores, enjoy a few shots of Ron Abuelo, smoke a cigar, and relax; spam pasta with jalapenos and tomato sauce will be this evening's supper; digestive tea substitutes well for probiotic yogurt; boat fuel, water stores and food provisions are down to only 35% of full capacity but I'm expecting to make landfall in about one week. So, no worries!

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