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Friday, September 7, 2012

Too Much Book-Learning: Collateral.

With no doubts, I am convinced that the live-aboard sailboat must be the object obtained first. Rationale? If I were to pursue homestead developement right away, then a great deal of monetary waste, police harassment, emotional and physical suffering would result from me not having an economically effective escape plan in the face of a brutal Alaskan winter.

Therefore, I am going to use my rural Tazlina SW property as collateral for this upcoming sailboat purchase once the contract is paid-in-full sometime after October 2013.

"Market value?" Should have at least doubled by now but I'm going to be extremely optimistic and put the estimated value at around $25,000.00.

Furthermore, what is this rush to get me out there in rural, backcountry Alaska without any knowledge whatsoever as to what it actually takes for me to build a respectable homestead? (It is almost as if the Alaska Department of Public Safety wants to make the whole idea seem nonfeasible, unrealistic, and non-do-able, because the last thing those goddamned bigots want is for a black-nigger, potential lone wolf domestic terrorist living within a mossberg blast of their precious pipeline. Of course I can not only thrive and survive on my 2.34-acre lot, but also drive to-and-fro between Tazlina SW and a docked liveaboard sailing vessel in Valdez. Shit! ADPS can make getting another driver's license look damned near impossible.) Embarassment? Humiliation? Ridicule?

"Go build your house," they taunt.

"How? With what? Where's the truck to haul in building supplies, tools and equipment? What's the plan? And what about all those ex-blackwater white supremacists and native Alaskan racists with guns?"

The Alaska Media must be filming a reality-based documentary with me as the scapegoat or something: "Look, the posterboy for the anti-affirmative action movement is back! You see, he's just an incompetent boob which is the exact reason why the Alaska Department of Natural Resources should do away with the over-the-counter land purchase policy. We've got too many undesirables coming in through the back door up in this State."

Embarassment. Humiliation. Ridicule.

"What's wrong, man?" They chide, "Go build your home."

I respond, "What's the rush? I'm giving myself until Spring 2014 to gain all the necessary know-how and a driver's license for an old truck so that I won't have to build something that looks like a hobo encampment with lean-tos, shanty shacks, human waste and trash scattered about everywhere all over the place."

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