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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Too Much Book-Learning: The Beginnings Of A Master-Plan.

My lifestyle choice compels me to never marry. Whether it be to a woman or "a-man-duh", gender can make very little difference to me right now since I've come to the "comparative realization" that all sex is over-fucking-rated.

Therefore (and in general), I won't be needing my penis or much "pussy" anymore.

I am fully convinced that any kind of family life is miserable.

"I have no worries: I am in complete control of my concerns: No problem is currently beyond my ability to solve," I affirm constantly. "My life is uncomplicated: Each and everyday I am gaining a greater level of simplicity. I am achieving a simple existence."

Why complicate my life?

Within my mind's eye, I have sight of the exactly perfect end: The big-picture for me is to simply have a live-aboard sailing vessel docked or moored someplace about its homeport vicinity of Valdez, Alaska. My rural property 107-miles north on the Richardson Highway is now of secondary importance: Tazlina SW is to become a dedicated 2.34-acre summer retreat for no more than six months out of every year, plain and simple.

"A glorified campsite!?" Exactly.

No more than nine months out of every year will be spent living aboard a sailboat called the "Vera Essie" and about three months annually in bivouac at my backcountry compound, "Camp DuCannibis."

My plan is to keep it simple and basic: I'm saying, "Look, my property is only 107-miles north up the Richardson Highway from Valdez. With the boat docked, moored or anchored at its homeport, why not focus upon restoring her provisions over a hypothetical 3-month period. I'm especially eager to get in some serious fishing and hunting to re-stock the freezer for my next nine months in port, at sea, or both. And camping will be a welcome change-of-pace; an escape from those cramped quarters. Shit, I wanna do some hiking and ATV-ing!"

"Six months sea, six months camp?" People frown, "You've always wanted to be a Marine."

Why? Because "Simple Existence" and "Family-Man" are oxymoronic terms.

With this big-picture end fully in mind, therefore, I can allow no room in my heart for the kind of emotional anguish "family-life" engenders (i.e. children): My obligations are few and my thoughts and feelings are easy to explain and endure: I don't suffer much envy, jealousy or grief anymore; and I sincerely want no more to do with striving, attachment, and carnal desire. Om aeeng hareeng kaleeng.

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