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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Too Much Book-Learning: Perception Is Reality.

Most of what I'm learning these days are coping-skills and techniques-of-suffering:

"Deal with the United States Federal Government's repressive technological measures and oppressive methodical techniques: Find ways to overcome their mind-bending PSYCHOTRONICS and surreptitious PSYCHOTROPIC druggings. Remember, they can produce many a serious suicidal guilt-trip mental breakdown by associating any induced feeling, any induced emotion, with any act, deed, word or induced thought."

Over time, I have learned to become unemotional and somewhat cold or black-hearted.

My only rational response and way of surviving without crumpling under all of this emotional weight was to simply become something akin to a soul-less machine. An android.

Knowing this, the several various U.S. Law Enforcement agencies (i.e. Department of Homeland Security and FBI) have done all they could do to DEMONIZE and EXPLOIT me through apparent associations, actions and appearences.

Since the common conventional wisdom holds (declares or proclaims, even) preception to be the de facto reality, the very cornerstone of the police state's strategy is humiliation; their ad hominem hammerblows strike upon a man's public image because a man's self-image is everything:

To ask, "May I see your ID" is to say, "Get over it, your U.S. Passport and Alaska State identification card both say you're a nigger."

Me, suffer an identification crisis?

To say, "Get over it, you're a nigger" reveals the whole truth and hidden story of my life since MK-ULTRA made race the defining issue of a man's potential and the meaning of his existential worth in this World from day one of my very birth:

"I am more of this and less of that: I am more Europe than Africa; more native than interloper; more of all that which is good and so much less of this which is black and bad: I am more beautiful than ugly!"

So, Miss Project Monarch "Welfare Queen" (Condi KKK Rice) told me again how much more I look of ARYAN WHITE-stock, and something else even more vague and, no doubt, moore European, than just simply a worthless nigger. Why always assume the empirical fact that Blacks would rather be racially anything else?

DOD: "Why pull up the rug from underneath him now when we've built him up from nothing to feel proud, entitled and special his whole entire life?"

CIA: "Yep, we grew our own black-nigger lone wolf domestic terrorist."

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