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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Too Much Book-Learning: My 13-Month Plan-Of-Action.

Questions:  What exactly am I facing? What is the exact problem I'm faced with?

Answers:  U.S. State and Federal Law Enforcement coercion by way of harassment and persecution. One big massive conspiracy on the part of agents from various law enforcement agencies to manufacture, to create, to "grow their own", by small fractional measures and fine precise degrees, through PSYCHOTRONIC and PSYCHOPHARMACUETICAL technologies (i.e. surreptitious drugging) in achievement of COINTELPRO/MK-ULTRA objective "NAOMI": To produce a lone wolf domestic terrorist by most any means necessary...  A mad-dog killer.

Failing this objective, the next best thing these U.S. federal government operatives could "achieve" is permanent incarceration in some kind of state prison mental hospital and placed under "community supervision" forevermore; with the means to that end simply being the provocation of irrationally violent action upon some "innocent" noun word, thereby insuring criminal justice system control via forced-medication.

This is a problem I am constantly working to solve: "How am I supposed to cope with all these coersive measures? How can I defeat this objective of the U.S. Federal Government? How should I live out the rest of my wretched life faced with so much OPPRESSION and so much REPRESSIVE RESISTANCE in the pursuit of a good life?

How must I conduct myself?

The right answer is usually the simpliest one: I must remove myself voluntarily, in a manner most agree-able to all parties concerned; I must never live in an environment conducive to the objectives of U.S. Law Enforcement and agents of their "Criminal Justice System"; I must never again be placed in a position of the "most highest risk". It is my goal to "drop-out" of American Society altogether, and my very best move toward this long-term end was ALASKA.

All I can do now is to continue finding more agree-ably better ways to live and adding these concepts to my survivalist toolkit of knowledge. But, first, I must continue to live.

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