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Monday, April 2, 2012


"Has anyone ever told Michelle-In-Alaska (MIA)
She resembles Dred Scott's portrait?"

Michelle-In-Alaska wrote: "I'm not Dawn, whomever. Toodles."

No, but you do have a PENCHANT for minors mining
With small hard-hat caps. Get it, Lil Mariachi Girl?

Kurt wrote: "So you were a hobo in some park in Alaska and you got confronted by an armed bigoted hobo who also lived in the same park as you? If so, I do not think the problem was Alaska and its attitude and laws but rather that you were a hobo in the park. Remember that great injustice you suffered a while back where you were arrested for getting drunk at a bus station and shouting abuse at 'no one in particular'? This might be the same thing. All that verbal tapdancing you do seems to avoid the obvious and that is that the problem is not with the state, laws or society but the problem is actually you."

Okay, so now KURT is jumping onto the "Assassinate Duncan-Binns' Character" band-wagon.

KURT wrote: "Do a test."

What? How dare you try to belittle my lifetime accomplishments when I possess more campaign medals, military decorations and wartime ribbons than my Marine Corp Major brother-in-law, Kenneth Seward, and those other pencil and paper pushing flag-ranked clowns at the Pentagon...

KURT wrote: "You show up someplace doing your own thing. Then eventually you leave. During that time in that location did you: Have a job? Make friends? Pay your own way? Have people be happy to see you approach them? If so then well done."

Not to mention, but I will, the FACT that I've been both suspended and expelled-for-life from some of the very best colleges and universities in these United States of America while many of you mother-and-father-fuckers couldn't even pass the entrance exam to gain admission to a goddamned branch-of-service!

KURT wrote:  "If not, then in those places did you: Hang out in the public library? Did people you approached quickly move to a different area? Did you not have a job? Did you get money from something other than your own labor? Did you sleep in a park? Did you get the impression that people really did not want you around? If yes to these then your problem is not racism it is the fact that you are a technologically savvy bum who posts his bumness and bum side effects online and makes it out to be how a Philosophy combined with skin color leads to never ending persecution. I was just drunk and shouting in the bus station and then 'The Man' came down on me... There I was ..riding a bike through a hobo camp in a park I was squatting in and I met the biggest asshole..."

You know, Michelle-In-Alaska is RIGHT about the "military" being a separate ethnic group. Good differentiation!

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