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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AD HOMINEM: When All "Other" Arguments Fail.

"What the Great State of ALASKA needs more than anything right now is a real, black-nigger domestic terrorist. And, like you, I'm sick and tired of having the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood and all these other Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist groups getting all the bad press. Therefore, we are doing everything we can to get that Satanic Motherfucker, Duncan-Binns, back up here to, hopefully, rape, pillage and wreak general havoc on our Caucasian populace. He's our Tazlinian Devil. Shit! It's an election year and niggers must always be suspect then humiliated, especially in Juneau. So, let's work together to give that goddamned N-word no place in The Great Land: Join the ALASKA TEA PARTY! And, more hopefully, the N-word will have no place in the White House." -Sarah Palin

Dawn Lowery wrote:  "I live and work (on base), right near this area. Its a melting pot of asians, military, samoan, hmong, blacks, laotian, filipino and sourdough alaskans."

JBER? Yes, I know the vicinity well. And, CID is negro for "Got any identification on you?"

You are correct in reminding me that Centennial Park is a multi-coloured QUILT of ethnicities, socio-economic groups and religious creeds; especially on those mild Anger-Ridge summer weekends when the ASIAN community is INVADING the park in such gross numbers that many a VFW Old-Timer is able to utter the dreaded words and recall, "The TET-OFFENSIVE!"

Some APD officers call it that. I know. I have a Radio-Shack SW/HAM/EMERGENCY scanner.


What's moore, the area is also home to the ANCHORAGE WASTE-WATER UTILITY where they prominently display a poster of a Negro soldier hanging by his neck from a fence near the road leading up to the facility's main gate. No doubt, the result of a Hi-Tech LYNCHING! Am I the only BLACKMAN to notice this? Bullshit. Am I next? "What the FUCK is this if I'm not being deliberately programmed and singled-out for the Colin Ferguson, BLACK-RAGE psychosis induction treatment?"

Dawn Lowery wrote: "The only people that have problems in Centennial park are inebriate squatters in the woods."

You know GODDAMNED well that's a DOUBLE-STANDARD! The White-Trash, Red-Neck Sourdough scum and those INEBRIATED Alaskan Native SQUATTERS have been illegally living in those woods in plain-sight since before the first season I started camping there in 2008: Lighting bon-fires, raising hell, getting stoned and drunk, fucking in broad daylight - and not even the APD or Park "Ranger", muchless the caretaker, will say a word to these "transient locals" about their outrageous conduct. "But just let me see that nigger riding his motorbike through here again and I'll break his monkey-ass neck with this mantrap." Shit! I was lucky to walk away from that "accident" with only a brain concussion, a deeply bruised and sprained shoulder, and SMASHED pair of eyeglasses. "CRASH, hooray! All eyes on me!"

Go ahead and keep IMPLYING that I'm just another low-life who needs killin' cause I fucking hate America. I DON'T CARE. Everyone with two brain-cells to rub together will still know the TRUTH about incidents like mine and these "others": If you don't have a case, invent one. If you don't have a rational argument, start insulting my manhood and assassinating my character.

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