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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Amarillo, Texas

Monday, 21 October 2002. Logbook for the building of the sea-going vessel “Vera Essie"… From the Glen-L catalog, I have selected the design Glen-L 7.9 (pg. 53)

Tuesday, 21 January 2003. Location is the next obstacle to overcome. Planning, funding, and constructing this project isn't something that can be done effectively in the land-locked confines of Amarillo, Texas. And the situation with the FEDS and COPS isn't making this endeavor a “joyous undertaking.”

My life is a nightmare!

Frequently, I have to stop and ask myself why I have decided to construct a boat: escape.

I often have to remind myself that escape from America is the primary thing and everything else, boat-building included, is secondary. It does me no good to put the finishing touches on “Vera Essie” from a jail cell. And, so, it looks like my next step is the gulf coast of Texas (Brownsville) where getting this project completed should be extremely convenient…

Books related to the achievement of this here objective, Escape From America: 

I knew that I would regret the day I thought I could maintain this situation for five years. Unfortunately, I ate, I drank and allowed myself to sink deeper into this fool’s paradise where I neglected to plan for this day and get outfitted for it. I have a load of junk I can’t take for the long haul and I’ve had to trash a bunch of it recently. What I will need I don’t have. What I can’t possibly use, I seem to have lots of. I neglected the essentials, the basics: 

Life Raft Contents:
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Stove and cooking gear
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Flashlight, watch (waterproof), etc.
Very soon, I’m going to need to take $250-dollars (instead of paying rent for February 2003) and stop by the surplus store and outfit. If I am fortunate, I will be able to earn another $500-dollars before I get out of here. If I can get things to turnaround before the end of January, I might be able to live out of a furnished apartment or motel until March and save money on utilities and rent, thereby earning an additional $1,000-dollars…

However, it looks like this: Unemployment and food stamps in Brownsville for at least 3-months, liquidation of assets, fitting-out for permanent expatriation and plans for the boat or “houseboat”.

What is prompting this? This drastic change of plan and new course of action, what is the cause? The change in the American political climate and my shitty quality of life are the biggest factors. Let me face the facts: Standard of living means nothing without WHORES! I could stay here and make all the money I need to make to achieve my goals, but without a supportive wife and great sex, money means nothing.

I’d rather scrounge in a Third-World Country a married man than spend five more years in the U.S. dodging the FEDS and COPS at such a big disadvantage regardless of how much money I stand to make staying here in Amarillo.

Anyway! I am getting away from the task I have put before me. I must list the books I am reading to construct and pilot GLEN-L 7.9:

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