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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Seed Of Purpose.

“The Fifth Best-Kept Secret of Total Success is that the reason so many individuals fail to achieve their goals in life is that they never really set them in the first place.” –Denis Waitley

On 2 January 2013, I made three New Year Resolutions I thought were worth posting to my FACEBOOK wall:

“My resolve for New Year 2013 is to reduce my alcoholic beverage consumption (intake) by two-thirds beginning with total abstinence this January so that I might complete crucial tasks and accomplish important goals during the next 365-days : 1) A valid driver's license for a new vehicle; 2) Finish a homestead construction project; and, 3) Improve my US Chess Federation tournament rating from about 1600 Class-B to 2000 Expert.”

My results? Very good! Not only was I able to abstain from alcoholic beverages for the whole entire month of January (thanks to Moderation Management), I didn’t have my first drink of ALE until after I had successfully purchased a 2006 Chrysler PT-Cruiser and acquired my Alaska driver’s license.


My homestead construction project (April-August 2013) consisted of me making several reconnoitering trips out to my rural Tazlina, Alaska property. These “scouting missions” resulted in my learning about the weather, wildlife, terrain, and lay of the land; in meeting with another homesteader to discuss improving our subdivision’s infrastructure and property values; and in the selection and clearing of an excellent cabin building site with the help of my Garmin GPS device. All told, I spent a combined total of one month doing such things as trailblazing, testing a rudimentary rainwater catchment system, and digging a latrine.

Mission accomplished !


“My purpose in life is to create value where no value is said to exist. Meaning, I will take possession of a thing with little or no value and transform it into something of great worth !” –W.S. Duncan-Binns

Questions about my purpose:

  • What is one of your personal goals this month? What will you do today that contributes to that goal?

I didn’t realize my third goal of becoming a chess expert in 2013, so I’m going to master QUICK CHESS KNOCKOUTS this month so I can improve my rating as a club player.


Today I have time for just one game at the Internet Chess Club, though.

  • What is one of your professional goals this month? Have you shared this goal with anyone who can reinforce your purpose?

One goal I have this month for becoming a professional blogger (or internet entrepreneur) is to finish reading this book entitled,  A GRAMMAR BOOK for you and I… OOPS, Me!


In addition, I’m currently learning all I can about eBook writing and publication since I intend to disclose my method for effective clandestine travel to the Black American Ex-patriot community; i.e. African-American fugitives will have the opportunity to learn tactics and techniques gathered from over three decades of worldly life experience:

INTERNATIONAL FUGITIVE: A Black Man’s Guide To Latin American Travel.

Can you help?

  • Do you have a game plan for the year?

Absolutely! All it took to systematize my goals and organize them into a coherent game plan was a little imagination, intuitive work, and some “reverse engineering” using Kplan.


Kplan is a knowledge management software which helps you organize your life: Your activities, notes, documents, contacts, agendas... are all linked in the same file. Interconnect all your sources of information with Kplan !

  • Do you have physical fitness goals established? Check to see that they are stated in specific language.

The physical fitness goal I have established for myself is stated in these positive terms:

“To better fuel my excellency, I’m proud to effortlessly regulate my diet and control my drinking behavior using the Moderation Management guidelines: I LOVE BEING SOBER, HEALTHY, HAPPY & PRODUCTIVE !!”

  • Will you be able to live in later years without worrying about Social Security? Have you decided how much you will put away in savings each month?

Counter-Question: Why would a man receiving Social Security Disability Insurance ever worry about getting his OLD AGE benefit later in life?

Answer: No. I understand that any kind of financial dependence on government is frowned upon, but Welfare and Social Security are much more certain at age 72 than the existence of my investment and retirement accounts.

Nevertheless, all I will need to earn each month is an additional $300-dollars USD from eBook sales in order to live well by my standards and to consider myself financially independent.

My savings effort involves two accounts: (1) An EMERGENCY Fund; and, (2) A DREAM Fund. My primary savings account receives $10-dollars or 10% (whichever is more) of monthly gross surplus, while my secondary savings account gets 1% of monthly gross income no matter what. “Brilliant!”

  • What are you going to do tomorrow? Will you carry over the items you didn’t get to today, and make them tomorrow’s goals?

I’m a PERPETUAL TOURIST. Therefore, I’m going to get another 90-day VISA tomorrow.

Today I had intended to go downtown to pick up my American Passport from the Guatemala City Immigration Office but I felt compelled to finish this blog post first for some reason.

“Find your passion, then follow your bliss.” –J. Campbell

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