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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Sunday, 18 May 2003. Tikal. I am now in the market for a new camera. Preferably a digital camera but I will settle for one that has a timer for automatic photographs. The Olympus I brought down here with me mysteriously disappeared. It went “bye-bye, bye-bye” along with the lousy pictures I took of Tikal and Santa Elena and Flores. No great loss: “Mount Olympus and masonry.”

I guess I need to learn how to secure my possessions a lot better in the future. At least I got pictures of San Jose, Livingston and Oxtankah. “Tikal and Flores have been around for over a thousand years. Santa Elena and the Bay Islands of Honduras will still be here when I return on Glen-L 7.9… [This] is all part of the learning process.”

Looks like all I have left is a pile of junk and an acoustic / electric guitar. I could get really down on myself except for the fact of hypnosis and the C.I.A. trying to have me killed by [thugs] in Guatemala – I am writing this entry at Dangriga, Belize: No change. (Programmable calculator plus digital camera equals $200.00 USD.)

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