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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Costa Rica

Monday, 28 April 2003. San Jose, Costa Rica. Back in country after a four year absence, I sit amazed at how little has changed. All my contacts are still in place and I seem to remember all the important places to get what I need.

I got here on the 25th (Friday night) on the TransNica bus from Managua and I’m glad I went that route: The ride only cost me ten American dollars. Already I find myself contemplating a return trip; this time all the way from here to Guatemala City to make the hassles of dealing with border crowds less hassling: To conserve money instead of blowing it on taxicabs and the miscellaneous hotel [room].

Something else to worry about?

“I will be fortunate to make it back to Brownsville  for my stuff by the 5th of June… Tomorrow I must send a [Western Union] moneygram or ship a payment via DHL to that storage place in Texas. I should’ve paid for two months instead of one but I wasn’t thinking straight. Orwell!… Withdraw 21,000.00 Costa Rican colones from the bank and find me more B-vitamins and do my laundry. Disorganized.”

Tuesday, 29 April 2003. The time for paying my bills is approaching. Dammit! I can’t deal with my dwindling cash roll… I only have $1,100.00 USD to work with and two months to spread it over. Doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to make it through all of June.

Let me try to break it down: $700.00 cash and $400.00 in NFCU. Okay, that’s $1,100.00 USD. My bills are $60.00 for storage and $62.50 to pay for the car that’s in Brownsville… That’s $122.50 (or $130.00 counting what I will need to pay for the Western Union moneygram or the DHL money order for shipping and handling). That leaves $970.00 for rent here and food:

“Seems like a lot [of money] until you factor in the price I’ll need to pay to get back to Brownsville: I estimate I will need $250.00 to get to Texas with… [surely] it will cost me $100.00 to get from Chetumal to Matamoros; not including what I’ll need to pay Mexican immigration.

“To be safe, I must have at least $350.00 for the trip back up north. That leaves $620.00 for May: $220.00 to stay at Mount Galaad leaves $400.00 to cover other expenses. If I save, I might make it.”

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