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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Guatemala (2)

Saturday, 12 April 2003. Livingston. I wasn’t wrong about the FBI presence here in Central America. The FEDS seem to have bought-off the entire civilian population. I can’t go anywhere without someone shouting “pedophile” and “psychopath” at me. What am I supposed to do? Go back to the United States of America and commit suicide? The FBI have done this before: psychologically forced repatriation: the new Fugitive Slave Act in modern practice.

Leave it to the United States government to completely destroy a man’s mind and then try to get him to join its Army! I am being psychologically conditioned for prison upon my return to the United States.

I don’t feel so good today.

What I want to say is that the places I have seen thus far on the Caribbean coasts of Central America are perfect for the sailboat bound ex-pat. Everything I expected and cheaper than I first thought, especially here in Guatemala. Livingston and Puerto Barrios lend themselves to tons of evasive opportunities for the runaway slave! The only problem is that I don’t have Glen-L 7.9 and the know-how to pilot a sailboat yet.

“But I can’t figure out what to do about the FBI dogging my every step. Their aim is to cause anger: I can’t counter every accusation they lodge against me with every person they pay-off ready to believe anyone with a police badge. They call me a murderer and a killer and everyone believes it! Incredible! Tell me, who have I killed? Ever? Nobody!

“I can’t understand how the FBI can focus so much attention upon me and ignore every psychopath walking the streets of Los Angeles and New York. It’s a control issue: It doesn’t have to be true; it only has to make me upset because those who anger you control you.”

“So, what does the CIA really do?” They fabricate a pack of lies and pass it off as truth to every police agency with the power to make your expatriation attempt a total nightmare. How does one start over outside the USA when no country will accept him? The job of the CIA is to make it impossible for the American ex-pat to survive outside of the United States for any extended period of time. The job of the FBI is to produce facts and figures to lend credibility to the lies the US government produces.

The CIA: “He’s a pedophile. We have pictures of him with underage girls.”

The FBI: “He’s a pedophile. We have had him under constant surveillance for the past twenty years. We have a mountain of documents and an FBI profiler to prove our claim.”

Candice DeLong: “So, I can’t figure out what to do with the mind-war aspect of the forced repatriation attempt. I will think of something.”

From Livingston to Puerto Barrios to Honduras and its Caribbean coast is my next move. The FBI knows this. And it’s easy to pinpoint a federal agent: they’re always White and posing as tourists: “Always White [Nordic] and posing as foreign tourists. Most speak fluent French and German [like stereotypical Nazis].” Not very convincing, huh?

Today, I am going to get around to reading Chapman’s Boat-Handling. This will be an important beginning. I seem to be in a state of complete apathy and focusing on the purpose of this journal for a while will help me overcome the inertia brought about through FBI mind-war [technology]. ZAP!

“Those waves just drain all your energy.”

At my present rate, I will be walking the beaches of Honduras in about another week.

“You’re not allowed to write! Who said you could write? Runaway fugitive slaves are only allowed nightmares and time in prison. Are you deaf, boy?”

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