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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guatemala (3)

Saturday, 19 April 2003. The reason why the FBI is so interested in me, the reason why every federal law enforcement agency is so obsessed with sending me to prison, is because I can articulate their tactics so goddamned well.

I have their playbook xeroxed; I have the State secrets and the Crown jewels of STATE REPRESSION:

“I can write out in a detailed manner every trick, ploy and tactic the FEDS use, from the Secret Service on down to the US Marshals, to coerce, control and destroy every American on their shit list. You name it, I’ve seen it firsthand; you’ve witnessed it, I have had firsthand experience of it!”

The FBI didn’t want me leaving the country with this knowledge; living to tell of dirty deeds per se, but, outside of sending a sniper team to take me out (i.e. kill me), it’s too late. The only thing they can do is a forced repatriation or try to discredit me the Soviet way:

“He’s crazy! A raving lunatic!”

  1. Entrapment: Drugs & Underage Girls
  2. Blackmail: Libel and/or Slander
  3. Orchestrated Violent Confrontations
  4. Sabotage: Death by Misadventure
  5. Blacklisting: Financial Blackmail
  6. Provocation: Sowing Familial Discord
  7. Psychological Torture: Stress & LSD
  8. Assassination: From Poison to Bullets
  9. MINDWAR: i.e. “Technological apparatuses used to induce physical pain and altered psychological states.” –US Army
  10. TOP-SECRET : “You wouldn’t believe it if the Department of Defense told you it was true… Satellites, tracking devices… Psychoses, strokes and heart-attacks, physical pain, confusion and [seeming] dementia all induced through remote control.” –Alex Jones

Reference, The Nation of Islam: “AIDS and EBOLA were developed in a US Army laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland way back in the 1950s. Don’t believe it? It’s true. Hepatitis-C is a biologically engineered virus designed specifically to control the world population. Ask Joseph McCarthy.” –Dwayne Holeman

“Would I go so far as to say that the CIA injects people with diseases as a form of payback? And the FBI!”-David Duke

*Paladin Press is going to want to publish my first book on “American Domestic and Political Intelligence in the 21st Century”… Here’s my expatriation timeline:

    • 4/1/2003: Crossed over from Brownsville, Texas to Matamoros, Mexico. Bought ADO bus ticket from Matamoros to Chetumal.
    • 4/3/2003: Arrived at Chetumal, Mexico and stayed for three days. Bought a pair of hiking boots and two pairs of pants.
    • 4/5/2003: Arrived at Belize City and could only manage an overnight stay. Also transited Belmopan on the way to the Guatemalan border.
    • 4/6/2003: Flores and Santa Elena, in the Peten region. Stayed two nights.
    • 4/8/2003: Livingston. Have been here for two whole weeks. Time to move on.

*Most of the “[criminal] intelligence” used against me here is FBI derived. I pinpointed one piece of it from around the year 1975. It seems that the “dirt” the FEDS have settled on comes predominantly from my college years: 1992 to 1998; especially Virginia Union and George Mason Universities.

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