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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Houston (9)

Thursday, 19 June 2003. [Continued…] “And he has got the nerve to ask us for a proper and decent burial. He has the fucking gall to request a proper and decent funeral.”


Under US Federal Law this is my human right: “If I should die before I am able to leave the United States of America forever and for good, then I would like to spare my brothers and sisters the expense of having my emaciated corpse cremated and tossed into the Pacific Ocean. Haven’t I rightfully earned that much?”


Permit me to disclose how I believe (and feel) this benefit is deservedly mine: “From 1992 – without respite – to this very day I have suffered the trauma equivalent to American POWs (prisoners of war). I have been beaten, starved, drugged, tortured and interrogated in ways and manners both covert and clandestine; I have suffered the most terrible psychological and physical abuse under this ‘Shadow System’ of American government from the years 1995 to 2001, and so now I have afflictions exhibited only by victims and survivors of concentration camps!”


To say, “Fuck having a Persian Gulf War campaign medal. My military benefits should come under the Veterans Administration’s POW (prisoner-of-war) provision… Look at how my handwriting changes mid-entry. I must have multiple personality disorder now or something. I need to take my hypertension down a notch. I should qualify for 50% VA-disability.”


*In the future I will have more to write regarding my furtive beatings – and my clandestine starvation, drugging, rape, torture and interrogation – at the hands of CIA goons with full American police and military support. But for now, while my emotions are relatively calm, I must focus upon how I’m going to have my affairs managed whether I’ve complied with committing suicide or not.

What? Then don’t believe me when I make my wishes clear in Living Wills and submit accusations in Testaments like this:

“If you are reading this after I have been found dead someplace of an apparent suicide or mishap, then know about the direct CIA involvement that prompted my death: Without a doubt, I am dead because very powerful people in the US Navy with influence over FBI, Homeland Security, and other police organizations worldwide, convinced that secret hierarchy how my example would serve to promote respect for the American Flag and awe for UCMJ deferred reckoning.”

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